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Ladybugs Teachers' Guide The Grouchy Ladybug Ladybugs And Other Insects
"Ladybugs Teachers' Guide" © University of CA/Berkley
"The Grouchy Ladybug" © Eric Carle
"The Ladybug & Other Insects" © Scholastic

What About Ladybugs? Ladybug, Ladybug Eye Spy A Ladybug
"What About Ladybugs?" © Celia Godwin
"Ladybug, Ladybug" © Ruth Brown
"Eye Spy A Ladybug!" © Melinda Lilly

Ladybug Portable Pets The Lucky Ladybug The Ladybug
"Ladybug - Portable Pets" © Loretta Rizzatti
"Lucky Ladybug" Squeaky Book © Muff Singer (OOP)
"Ladybug" - Book & Mobile © Charles Fuge

Fire Chief Ladybug Ladybugs For Loretta Ladybug's Birthday
"Fire Chief Ladybug" - On Wheels © Rita Walsh-Balducci
"Ladybugs For Loretta" © Lois Wickstrom
"Ladybug's Birthday" © Steve Metzger

Ladybug On The Move Little White Ladybug The Loveable Ladybug
"Ladybug On The Move" © Richard Fowler
"Little White LadyBug" © Renata Jones (OOP)
"The Loveable Ladybug" © Becky Freeman

Lady Bug's Ball The Smiling Ladybugs Bubba And Trixie
"Lady Bug's Ball" © Heather L. Feldman
"The Smiling Ladybugs" © Carolyn Sherrill (Special Order)
"Bubba And Trixie" © Lisa Campbell Ernst

A Sunday Stroll Dotty The Ladybug Ladybug At Orchard Avenue
"A Sunday Stroll" © Paul Borgese
"Dotty The Ladybug" © Joshua Morris
"Ladybug At Orchard Avenue" © Kathleen Weidner-Zoehfeld

Ladybug And Dog And The Night Walk Ladybug, Ladybug, Where Are You? Ladybug Hitchhikes Home
"Ladybug & Dog & The Night Walk" © Polly Berrien-Berends (OOP)
"Ladybug, Ladybug - Where Are You?" © Cindy Szekeres (OOP)
"Ladybug Hitch Hikes Home" © Katherine Evans (OOP)
The Ladybug Who Couldn't Fly Home
"Ladybug Hitch Hikes Home" was also published as
"The Ladybug Who Couldn't Fly Home" (same author/story, new title)!

Ladybug Island Down Ladybug Lane Something's Buggy
"Ladybug Island" © Michael Waite & Sheila Lucas (OOP)
"Down Ladybug, Lane" © Joshua Morris (OOP)
"Something's Buggy" © Landoll, Inc. (OOP)


Lindy The Ladybug The Little Buggers We Sing And Learn: Bugs
"Lindy The Ladybug & The Birthday Surprise" © Carrie Jordan
"The Little Buggers" © J. Patrick Lewis
"We Sing And Learn: Bugs" © Pamela Conn Beall

Ladybugs (MiniBeasts) Lady Bug Lady Bugs 3
"Ladybugs (MiniBeasts)" © Claire Llewellyn
"Lady Bug" © Jodi Stone
"Lady Bugs 3" © L. Ray

Beetle & Ladybug Ladybug Action Hero Giggle Bugs
"Beetle And Ladybug" © J. F. Dargon
"Lady Bug: Action Hero" © Kim Tuttle & Catherine Goldman Bloomfield
"Giggle Bugs" © David A. Carter


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