Little red ladybug sits on a leaf.
           She sits on a leaf on a tree.  
           And as she sits on that little green leaf.
           There are so many friends to see!  
            Two yellow bumblebees buzz by the leaf.
            They buzz by the leaf on the tree.
            And as they buzz by that little green leaf
            They wave to the friend they see!         


I saw a little ladybug flying in the air.
But when I tried to catch her, two bugs were there.

Two little ladybugs flew up in a tree.
I tiptoed very quietly, and then I saw three.

Three little ladybugs, I looked for one more.
The one I saw sitting on the ground made four.

Four little ladybugs - then another one arrived.
She landed on a flower, and that made five.

Five little ladybugs, all red and black-
I clapped my hands and shouted, and they all flew back!


Ladybug, Ladybug on the tree
 Fly down here and sit with me
Rest on my hand, I'll count your spots
 2, 4, 6, 8 polka-dots!


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