A Ladybug Named Jack

          There was a ladybug named Jack
          Who had those black spots on his back.
          He prayed each night, as he went to bed,
          That he'd wake up with his shell plain red.

          He said, "You know there's little joy,
          In being a little ladybug boy.
          Grasshoppers and beetles call me names.
          Say, 'Ladies can't play big boy games.'"

          Jack found a can of red paint spray
          And cried, "I've finally found a way."
          He sprayed the paint up in the air
          And flew through it while it was there.

           When he got it right it wasn't long,
             Till all the ugly spots were gone,
            And so, as he flew off to school,
            Old Jack was feeling really cool.

                He flapped red wings with a special buzz,
               But no one knew just who he was.
                He yelled, "I'm Jack without those spots.
                Just look at me, I'm red—no dots!

                            "And now I'm free, as you can see,
                            To be the bug I want to be.
                            I'm different now, I'm like no others
                            I have no spots like my ladybug brothers."

                            The bugs all said, "It sure is true,
                            We've never seen a bug like you.
                            We'll tell you now, if you are Jack,
                            You'd better get your black spots back.

         "The prettiest bugs in all the land
         Are ladybugs—they look so grand.
         Those black spots grace the red with ease,
         We envy you, that's why we tease."

         So Jack began to realize
         We can't see us from other's eyes.
         We envy others, then fret and fuss,
         When they may long to be like us.

         And so this ladybug named Jack
         Was glad when his black spots came back.
         He's feeling good and flying high.
         He's proud to be a ladybug guy.

          ~ Grandpa Tucker ~
            1999 © Bob Tucker

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