Lily Frowning

LILY LADYBUG ~ Don't Be Bugged!
~ (Reprinted from "Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Foam Bath" by Body Zone) ~

Lily the Ladybug was having a bad day.  She had spent
hours looking for just the right flower to make her
home. Every time she found one she liked, a big
bumblebee would buzz in and poor Lily would have to
move on.  Finally Lily sat down on a leaf and
thought, "What's a Ladybug to do?"  Just then a big,
round, shiny bubble came floating by!  Lily thought
it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.

Rose BushRose Bush
Just then she noticed that lots of bubbles were floating out
from behind the red rose bush, and off she flew to
investigate.  What did she find there?  Why, all the other
Ladybugs were having a big bubble party and Lily
slipped right into the biggest bunch of bubbles she could find!
Soon the day turned into one of her best ones ever!

Lily Smiling

~ (Many Thanks to Birgit for sending this along!) ~
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