Ms. Ladybug and
Sir Blade of Grass

It was enchantment's story,

Told in whispers I have found.

Was whispered by a Blade Of Grass,
That grew upon the ground.

So touched by what His words did say,
I take my pen in hand.

Reflecting on His story told,
Then to repeat it, if I can.

You see there was this Blade Of Grass,
Out growing in my lawn.

Each morning He would play out there,
Till dusk, from early dawn.

So content was He to be there,
Nestled snug with all his friends.

And from the tale He told to me,
That's where my thoughts begin.

So much care, He thought He'd found,
In that lawn, shared with his friends.

Not more could He have ask for,
So a gift to them, He'd send.

"But what pray tell, could this gift be?"
"I am but, a blade of grass."

"Yet reflections to these, my dear friends,
Can only show first class."

He sat deep, in concentration.
He struggled with his plight.

Then finally it did come to Him.
"This gift would be just right!"

He had a chat with Miss Sunshine,
Then with the lovely, Miss Rain Shower.

And with their help, the gift He grew,
A lovely, blue spring flower.

Next morning with Sir Break Of Day,
and his friend, The Lady Dew.

Blade called out to his friends, the Lawn,
"I grew this just for you !"

But before He could to say much more,
The Lawn, It came undone.

And of the gift, of Love He shared,
Of him, they did make fun.

"You silly Blade, We are a lawn.
No flowers welcome here."

The Crab Grass, and Bermuda mocked,
For change had made them fear.

Poor tiny Blade, His heart near broke,
His sorrow filled with sighs.

And through the night, from His sad woe,
A Mocking Bird did cry.

A tiny Fairy heard this tale,
From the sad song in the night.

And She saw the little flower grown.
From the Lightening Bug's bright light.

The little Fairy so quick,chirped in,
"I gotta help my little friend !"

Her concerns She laid upon the wind,
All in a note, to Sir Love did send.

Love cleared His throat, in stern correction,
"I think I'll choose, my own direction."

Everyone thinks, they know what's right.
But You never quite know, where Love will light!

The Fairy giggled and stepped away,
For She understood what Love did say.

"Ya better get back, don't stand to close!
You know what happens, when Love does boast!"

Next morning, much to Blade's surprise,
He had a visitor, with big black eyes.

She was a charmer, there was no doubt,
This little Miss Lady Bug, who fluttered about.

She giggled and then wiggled,
She winked and then grinned.

And that My Dear Friends,
Is where Love, had stepped in.

She talked, She flirted, for over three hours.
Always with a cute giggle, about Blade's blue flower.

And as the day does, it surely did passed,
And love came to be, for a Blade Of Grass.

So next time You start to shed a tear,
Simply thinking Love, just did not hear.

Remember how, Love came to pass, For,
Miss Ladybug and Sir Blade Of Grass.

Copyright © Dee Smith
(Reprinted with generous permission)

More Ladybug Poetry Coming Soon!