Goldfish & The Ladybug

The Goldfish and the Ladybug
Fell in love with each other
But they couldn't work it out
They couldn't get together
Ladybug said "I can't swim"
Goldfish die on land
Ladybug swung down like a swing
 Kissed him with her wing
 One touch and the promise was made
Ladybug's love was real
Goldfish cried tears of sadness
   How was he to feel?
   How was he to feel?
  And the days turned into years
   Ladybug's sadness grew
    She took her love to the water's edge
    She didn't know what to do
   What to do?

 Goldfish lived in his deep water home
 So much his and so fine
 Still he lived his life alone
 Ladybug lived in his mind
 Ladybug lived in his mind!
 Lady, Lady
 I love you
 My life is hollow without you!
Can you love me without loving?
  Can I love you without you...
  Can I love you without you...
  Can I love you without you...?

© Stevie Nicks


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