Ode To The Night Sky

La Luna!

                             **  I've always loved the Nighttime.  Maybe it's because I've been fair-skinned all my life and the sunlight burns me so easily?   Or perhaps it's simply that the Moon has been a never-ending source of fascination for me? **

Sleepy Moon © Kitty Roach

** I could (and do!) stargaze for hours.  The Heavens are AMAZING!  How can anyone possibly look upon them and not feel a sense of wonder?   How could you not believe that there's something out there greater than oneself? **

** I love the way the Moon's silvery light creates an aura of mystery and a touch of magic.  Ordinary objects by day turn into otherworldly works of art by the wonderful moon-glow! **

Celtic Moon © Celtic-Fairy.com

Star Gazing
 **  The sun shines a glaring light on Mankind's differences, our weaknesses, our frailties.  But by the forgiving moon, we're ALL equals....one and the same....and anything is possible!   ~ Moonlight is ethereal magic!**

** Below is a Haiku I wrote in my 9th grade English class:
                 ~ "Does The Moon Whisper Its'

                             Frosty Secrets
                      To The Gossiping Stars?" ~

Okay, so I'm not gonna be nominated for Poet Laureate anytime soon! 
           But, still not too bad for a (then) 14-year-old, huh?

Moon Phases

** For a truly beautiful view of "La Luna"
all of her celestial glory,
just click on the Telescope and prepare
to be transported!

Gaze Into The Telescope!...

** "Cold-Hearted Orb That Rules The Night
Removes The Colors From Our Sight
Red Is Gray And Yellow; White
But We Decide Which Is Right.....
....And Which Is An Illusion?"
~ The Moody Blues ~

Moon Beneath The Clouds

** When I was a little girl, I used to dream the stars
were sparkly diamonds,
nestled together amongst black velvet!
Now, of course, I'm all grown up and
isn't it sad, sometimes,
being an adult and knowing the truth?
If only the fantasy could remain awhile longer?

The Constellation, Orion

** The constellation, ORION, (above) has always intrigued me! As the legend goes - Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Moon & the Hunt, fell in love with the brave warrior, Orion, and began neglecting her duties of lighting up the Night Sky. Her twin brother, Apollo (the Sun god), saw Orion swimming in the ocean and challenged his sister to
draw her bow and hit a spot amidst the waves.

Being an expert archer, Artemis shot her arrow and Orion was killed instantly. Upon discovering
what she'd done, Artemis was grief-stricken. As restitution, she immortalized her
beloved by placing his body in the sky, amongst the stars.

Moon With Shadows

** It's been said that the reason the Moon appears so cold & forlorn is
due to Artemis' eternal grief.
Moon With Comet

Shooting Star!
  Awesome Moon!

 Snoozing Moon

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Celtic Crescent Moon

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