The Pumpkin And The Ladybug
Smiling PumpkinCute Ladybug
The Pumpkin and the Ladybug
   were drifting on the sea.
    The Pumpkin brought the biscuit tin,
  the Ladybug the tea.
    The Pumpkin said " I love you, dear
  I hope that you love me,
 I hope, I hope, I hope that you love me."

The Pumpkin and the Ladybug
  set down upon some land,
    and talked while strolling down the beach
   in moonlight on the sand.
  The Pumpkin said "Please marry me.
 Oh won't you take my hand?
      Oh won't, Oh won't, Oh won't you take my hand?"

 The Ladybug declared her love
  and poured them cups of tea.
  They smiled and ate their biscuits
   as they sat beneath a tree.
 The Pumpkin sang a silly song
   of love beside the sea,
   Of love, Of love, Of love beside the sea.

Ladybug And Pumpkin
 The Pumpkin and the Ladybug
   were happy as could be.
They bought a charming cottage
   on a hilltop by the sea.
 They planted little pumpkin seeds
   and raised a family,
     And raised, And raised, And raised a family.

  So this is where we leave them
  in their cottage on a hill.
  And if you look you'll find them
   living happily there still....
  the pumpkin loves the ladybug
  and yes, he always will,
     And yes, And yes, And yes he always will.

Small PumpkinTiny Ladybug

Copyright © 1999 by Kenn Nesbitt

~ (Many Thanks to Birgit for sending this
wonderful poem to me)! ~


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