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Purple Ladybugs!

The Legend Of The
 Purple Ladybugs
Purple Ladybug

It is said that deep in the Forest Tyrian,
not so far from the sea,

  where indigo grows
   and glows with deep purple

  and flowers of purple and trees
   of green and purple
   meld with the sunshine and sea

  there lives a clan of Ladybird beetles
   small and sweet and purple.

  They dance and fly in joyous gaiety and
  illuminous animation
  on purple sunbeam mists.

  And if you listen with all your heart,

  you will hear them laugh and
   sing and giggle
  with purple pleasure, and purple
  and call to each other in
   bubbling purple tones.

   Few passers-by have bothered to walk the
   purple path
   through the Forest Tyrian.

   Far fewer have ever set eyes on the
      purple Ladybugs.

    But one day, like the dolphins of the sea
      and the whales of the oceans,
      who also call to one another in
      a harmonious timbre,
       unknown to humans,

      One day, the purple ladybugs will also
       as the communicative, higher
       intelligence variety.

      One day.
    Purple Ladybug

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