<>Ladybug Screensavers!
(For Windows Users)

~ Please be patient.  Depending on your connection, these
may take a minute or more to download. ~

Screensaver by Scott Penwell
(Click on the Screenshot to start download)
This Screensaver features a star-filled background with
LOTS of different Ladybugs, and it even has optional music!
(If you'd prefer your Screensaver with a transparent
background, download it HERE).

Both files are 'Auto-Install'...You just save them on your harddrive,
then double-click it and the file will install

itself (instructions for easy removal are also included).

Both CelticBug Screensavers were graciously made for
me by Scott Penwell, (one of my Clan Campbell 'kin').
If you like 'em, be sure to E-MAIL Scott and let him know!

And here are 3 more Ladybug Screensavers for you!
This one was created by Doris.  Once you've downloaded,
just copy the file into your C:\Windows directory
and you're good to go!

Screensaver by Doris
(Click on the Screenshot to start download)

This one (below) was created by Diana Sharp & Scarlet Sayer.
Just download then and double-click on the file -
 It will install itself!

Screensaver by Diana and Scarlet
(Click on the Screenshot to start download)

This Screensaver is actually a virtual world created by Grendelcat.
(The Ladybugs even eat and reproduce)!
It's a pretty large file (3MB) and it's also an Auto-Install
so just download, double-click and follow the directions from there.
Screensaver by Grendelcat
(Click on the Screenshot to start download)


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