in Books, Movies,
(and some other strange places)!

In my search for all-things TARYN, I've found some pretty diverse examples.
(For a name that's really not that common, it certainly gets around)!
Here's what I've uncovered so far.....


"THE PRYDAIN CHRONICLES" by Lloyd Alexander (1964 - 1969)
Synopsis: "This charming series tells of the rollicking adventures of Taran, an assistant pig-keeper, and his quest to become
 a hero in an epic struggle between good and evil that shapes the fate of the legendary land of Prydain.
" Titles include:  "The Book Of Three"....
"The Black Cauldron"...."The Castle Of Llyr"...."Taran Wanderer"....and "The High King".

"FOREVER AFTER" by Lori Copeland (Harlequin #320) (1985)
Synopsis:  "After one perfect year of marriage, Taryn Oliver finds herself a widow and never expects to love again!"
(I'm betting she's in for a big surprise).  ;-)

"HER MYSTERIOUS STRANGER" by Debbie Rawlins (Harlequin #587) (2000)
Synopsis: "Was Nick Travis what he claimed to be?  With his scars, gun and lethal charm, Nick was like no lawyer or missing-persons expert
Taryn Scott had ever met.  Instinct told her to beware but - when he challenged her to find his missing client - she couldn't resist saying yes....
..finding out, too late, that she would be working very closely with Nick"!

"KNIGHT'S DESIRE" by Judith Hill (1992)
Synopsis:  "Taryn Maitland had to make the Great Earl of Arundel want her.  It was the only way she could escape the horrible marriage her
greedy brother had arranged.  Her lecherous groom insisted on a virgin bride, so deflowered she must be.  She would give herself to
the handsome, powerful lord of Castle Jaune, the one man her brother wouldn't dare defy.  Many women had offered themselves to
Garret d'Aubigny, but never in such a bold manner.  He would have the lady, but he would make certain she knew he was Master here. 
He would make her cry out with passion and surrender completely to his most intimate embrace!"

"LORD KINGSFORD'S QUEST" by Donna Davidson (1995)
Synopsis:  "There was certainly no room in Taryn Burnham's perfectly-planned life for a handsome, reckless adventurer like her cousin, Woolfe. 
But there was no denying the dangerous attraction -- not only from his dark desires, but also her own".

"MERRINGANNEE BLUFF" by Kerry Alynne (Harlequin #2725) (1985)
Synopsis:  "Taryn had always been strictly honest while touring the Australian carnival circuit with her Games of Chance.  But when her
brother Luke cheated the vengeful Slade Douglas and fled, leaving Taryn to pay his debts, she realized she was
going to have to
make good on his behalf - at any cost!"

"THE PIZZA PUZZLE" by Susan Beth Pfeiffer (1996)
Synopsis:  "Increasingly upset by what she believes is her parents' imminent divorce, Taryn is accused of a prank at school that makes even
her best friends suspicious, and
the troubled teenager must try to clear her name"!

"RAINBOW MAGIC" by Margaret Mayo (Harlequin #2086) (1977)
Synopsis:  "Taryn scoffed at the theory that a special rainbow could bring about major changes in her life.  Her meeting with Luke Major
immediately afterward was a huge letdown...and a shock.  Luke was an exact replica of Taryn's ex-fiance, and she could certainly do without
the kind of changes he was intent on bringing about"!

"REMEMBERING RED THUNDER" by Sylvie Kurtz (Harlequin #653) (2002)
Synopsis:  "Texas Sheriff Chance Conover had no memory of who he was.  Now, a trauma from fifteen years ago has resurfaced in his mind,
creating muddy images of murder and horror.  Worst of all, Chance can’t remember the beautiful Taryn Conover, who claimed to be his wife. 
Traveling back up the river to confront his past and the danger that surely awaits him is the only way the lawman knows to protect the woman
who loves him and his unborn
child.  But will Taryn’s passion be enough help him to remember the life he’s lost in time to save the one he’s found?"

"SAREK" by A. C. Crispin (1994)
This is a "Star Trek" novel about Mr. Spock's past, specifically his parents, but there is a prominently-featured, evil male Romulan character,
named Taryn -- What fun!

"THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE" by Kate Hoffman (Harlequin #529) (1995)
Synopsis:  "When Joshua Banks promised to keep beautiful, headstrong Taryn Wilde out of trouble, he wasn't counting on her
tempestuous ways ensnaring his heart"!

"TARYN GOES TO THE DENTIST" by Jill Krementz (1989)
Synopsis:   "Young children can identify with 3-year-old Taryn as she goes for her first visit to the dentist and discovers
there's nothing to be afraid of".

"TARYN TOAD TOSSES PEBBLES" by Gabrielle Zale (1998)
Synopsis:   This charming story captures those magical moments that reach into children's hearts to let them know they are 'special' and that
they matter.  Watch your child glow through understanding as Taryn Toad teaches all of us how to toss sad feelings away and
feel better about ourselves!

"WELCOME TO THE ARK" by Stephanie S. Tolan (1996)
Synopsis:  "When 4 child prodigies ~ Miranda Ellenby, Elijah Raymond, Taryn Forrester and Doug McAllister ~ transfer from a research &
 rehabilitation centre to an experimental group home, they discover another way of connecting with their world....and the world beyond their own".



Synopsis:  "A spoof of 1950's SciFi movies, involving a series of short sketches, most of which parody late-night television and the low-budget
movies one often finds lurking there!"  (Monique Gabrielle plays "Taryn Steele" who likes to walk around naked.  Okaaay...)

"THE BLACK CAULDRON" (Disney - 1985)
Synopsis:  "The magical Cauldron is hidden by darkness and guarded by witches.  It's discovered by a boy named Taran and stolen by an evil
king.  Whoever controls the
Cauldron has the power to rule the world.....or destroy it!"  This movie is based on the second book in a series of
Welsh legends novelized by author Lloyd Alexander.

"BLOOD SURF" (2000)
Synopsis:  "This Australian film is about two surfers, a female videographer, and a smarmy promoter who journey to the South Seas in order
to shoot a "blood surfing," video (i.e. lots of hungry sharks in the water).  They survive the shoot, but when one of the man-eating fish explodes
in a geyser of blood, it becomes apparent there is something far more sinisterlurking beneath the waves."  (Actress Taryn Reif stars).

"RAZORBACK" (Marvel Comics)
Synopsis:  "Razorback was contacted by Taryn O'Connell, a young woman who was in love with ace trucker Ulysses Solomon Archer, driver
of the vehicle nicknamed 'U.S. One'.  Archer had gone into outer space with an alien named Al, and Taryn stayed behind.  Now Archer hadn't
come back, and Taryn was determined to find him. She persuades Razorback to help her hijack NASA's new experimental spacecraft,
the Star Blazer, to do it."  (Whoa....sounds trippy)!

Synopsis:  "A diverse group of students enrolled at Columbia University learn how to deal with financial differences, self-doubts, and racism,
among other issues."  Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly plays a headstrong young woman named "Taryn" in this movie.

Jennifer Rubin plays "Taryn White" in the 3rd installment of the popular horror movie series.  "Taryn, a former drug addict, faces off in a
dream knife fight with Freddy Kruger.  Taking place in a deserted alleyway, with Taryn dressed in 'punk' attire, she puts up a great fight, slashing him a
couple of times.  But then Freddy's fingers turn into syringes and forcefully enter the veins in both her arms, as they come to life screaming 'feed me!
Taryn, ultimately, succumbs to Freddy's dream manipulations
(Thanks to Taryn Joyce for this terrific synopsis)!

"PAPER DOLLS" (1982 - 1984)
Synopsis:  "Set in New York, this television series focused on the often cut-throat world of modeling.  Most of the stories centered around the
budding careers of young models (and rivals) Laurie Caswell and Taryn Blake.   ("Taryn" was played by Darryl Hannah in 1982 TV-Movie,
and by Nicollette Sheridan in the 1984 TV-Series).

Synopsis:  "The safety of the free world is at stake as the evil Dr. Chang and his wily henchmen plot to flood the Hawaiian economy with drugs
and diamonds.  Only Donna & Taryn, two of the greatest agents this government has ever known, stand in the way!  With
the help of their snake
friend and his deadly venom, the two lady agents embark upon their dangerous mission.  Will our heroines be able to stop these nefarious villains
and make the world (or at least, Hawaii) safe again?" (Hope Marie Carlton stars as Taryn).

Synopsis:  "Our favorite federal agents, Donna & Taryn, are back for another adventure! Their latest undercover mission goes awry when their
plane crash-lands on a remote South Seas island.  Alas, their hope for a quick rescue is destroyed when they're captured by US Navy commandos, who
have come to
the island seeking a fortune in gold allegedly hidden there more than 50 years before!"  (Hope Marie Carlton stars as Taryn).

This is the movie that started many a 'love affair' with the name TARYN!  Taryn Power (daughter of movie legend Tyrone Power) plays Dione. 
The movie also stars Patrick Wayne (son of John) as Sinbad, and the always lovely Jane Seymour, with lots of wonderful Ray Harryhausen
special effects.  A campy, fun-filled 2-hours!

Synopsis:  "On a world where trials are conducted like game shows, Quinn is framed for a crime he didn't commit and the Sliders must fight to
save him from a prime-time execution!  Perrey Reeves plays Taryn,  the bounty hunter who captures Quinn and later - after realizing her mistake - helps
him to escape with his friends".

"TO SAVE A CHILD" (1991)
A made-for-TV movie about a young newlywed who ~ 8 months pregnant with her first child ~ is uprooted from her home in New York to join
her doctor-husband at his family's ranch in New Mexico.   She soon discovers the reason why she's been welcomed with such open arms:  her
in-laws (and most of the town) are members of a witches coven and they're eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby for their own evil purposes! 
Sarah Jane Jackson plays "Taryn Hatch", a local woman who's been unable to conceive a child of her own (and who is especially looking forward
to the new arrival).  Totally creepy!!

"X-MEN EVOLUTION" (2000 - 2004)
Synopsis:  This is a very entertaining animated series on the WB Network about the X-Men as teenagers!  All the regular characters are here:  Wolverine,
 Cyclops, Storm, Jean Gray, Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Professor Xavier.  "Taryn Banning" is a young mutant who is involved
in a romance with Scott Summers (Cyclops).

Synopsis: "Three childhood best friends, and a guy they just met, take a road trip across the country.  Along the way, they renew their friendship
and rediscover themselves in the process."  Actress Taryn Manning co-stars (with Britney Spears).


Taryn Alexander
~ Business

A women's lingerie designer in California 

Taryn Donath Band
~ Musician

A young, female Blues recording artist

Taryn Productions ~ Film Company
They produced these movies (and others) in the 1980's

Taryn Pattern #5912  ~ Dinnerware
Noritake China-- U.S. Patent #185448
Produced between 1957 and 1970

Channeling with Taryn Krive
Taryn Krive ~ Instructor
An introduction to, er...channeling?

Taryn Collins Band
~ Musical Group

A young, female guitarist, based in Texas

Taryn Company, Inc. ~ Business
Fabrication//Painting company located in Pennsylvania

'Taran Wanderer' ~

Fourth book in the Prydain Chronicles series

Taryn Rose Shoes ~ Retail Business
Designer Shoe Store located in Beverly Hills, California

 "Taryn" Handbags by Via La Moda
Via La Moda Handbags ~ Retail Business
This is their "Taryn" Purse design

Train With Taryn!
~ Fitness Trainer

A physical fitness trainer (for hire) named Taryn

Taryn's Mirror  ~ Business
A Fine Jewelry Store located in Massachusetts

"Taryn" Doll by Maplelea
Maplelea Dolls ~ Retail Business
"Taryn Brady" is one of four Canadian-themed dolls known as
the Maplelea Girls.  Taryn lives in Banff in the Canadian Rockies
and loves spending time in the great outdoors.

Sprockets  ~AND~  St. John's ~ Shoe Retailers
The style name of BOTH pairs of shoes (girls' sandals - left,
and womens' classic loafers - right) is TARYN!

Taryn-Ann Charters  ~ Business
Chartered Boat company located off Long Island, New York

Taryn DeChellis ~ Business
An upscale, women's clothing designer in California

"TARYN" NOTECARDS ~ Stationery
A Birth Announcement design called "Taryn"

"TARYN" TOE RINGS  ~  Jewelry
Sterling Silver Toe Rings in the Girlfriends L.A. catalog!

"TARYN" COAT ~ Clothing
Item #10112,  in Charcoal or Ivory at

~ Business

Chartered Yacht Service located in Aransas, Texas

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