Celtic Vine

Argyll-Bug With Targe Scottish Claymore and Targe Argyll-Bug With Claymore

Here's some more views of my "Campbell CelticBugs",
made out of Sculpey (Polymer) Clay.
Check out the wonderful Targe and Claymores!

Campbell Argyll-Bug!

Campbell Celtic-Bug © Justin G. Steele    Campbell Celtic-Bug © Justin G. Steele
They're "Laoch Ceilteachs" (Celtic Warriors)!

Ladybug wearing the Campbell tartan

Celtic Awards 
My Campbell Pages Have Won Some Terrific Awards!

Scottish Heritage Award Clan Campbell Award
Clan Campbell Society
of North America
Celtic Excellence Award Scottish Thistle Award
Nancy's Celtic Award Celtic Pride Award

Scottish Pride Award Celtic Excellence Award

"Buíochas.....Ta me mo buíoch!"

(Gaelic Translation: Thank You....I Am Most Grateful) !


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