Celtic Ivy Vine
Clan Campbell Screensaver!
Celtic Ivy Vine

Campbell Castle

My Clan Campbell 'cousin', Scott Campbell (Penwell),
has performed his computer magic again and made yet another
terrific Screensaver for all of our Highland kin to enjoy!

Tiny Thistle

The Clan Campbell Screensaver features many of our proud CAMPBELL images
(Black Watch Tartan, Inveraray Castle, Boar's Head Crest, Gyronney of Eight), combined with other images
of our beloved Scotland (Scottish Flag, Highland Warrior, Claymore &Targe,
Scottish Thistle),
all wrapped up beautifully with 2 (optional) musical
versions of
"The Campbells Are Coming".

Tiny Thistle

The Screensaver is Auto-Install.....you just click the link and save
the file on your harddrive (or a 3.5 disk, if you prefer)!  Then you simply
double-click the file and it installs
itself instantly......Easy!
So, fellow Clansmen - are you ready to download a wee bit of the
Highland Campbells to YOUR computer desktop?
Aye, then click HERE!

Celtic Ivy Vine
 If you have any difficulty downloading or running the Screensaver,
please E-Mail SCOTT and let him know!
~ (If you install the Screensaver and really like / enjoy it,
please feel free to let him know that too)! 

Screensaver ©  Scott Campbell (Penwell)
Webpage ©  Taryn Campbell