I LOVE Coffee. I adore the smell of a freshly opened can.
(And WHY hasn't anyone made a Coffee-scented perfume yet, darn it)?
  I live for that first aromatic, steaming cup
....in fact,
it's really the *only* thing that gets me going in the A.M.
(I am SO not a morning person).  :-(
There's just no better way to start the day!

'' '' '' ''

  I've loved Coffee since I was a little girl.  My mom would let me
have a small cup with her in the afternoon while she watched her soap operas. 
Truth be told, it was mostly cream and sugar in my cup, but I didn't realize that.

  I just remember feeling SO grown-up, drinking it with her!


For me, Coffee is romantic, comforting, invigorating,
nostalgic, fulfilling, and totally satisfying.....all at the same time.
All of that from just a beverage?  Wow!
Kinda makes you wish you could get warm fuzzies like that
from a relationship, or even your job, huh?  ;-)


  Coffee reminds me of sitting at the kitchen table with my sister,
crooking our little fingers and saying "Dear Miss!" while we drank from our
plastic cups and pretended to be elegant, grown-up ladies.

  '' ''

It invokes memories of countless heart-to-heart talks over a hot mug
with other women (you know who you are) about
kids and husbands,
and just Life-In-General.

~ It's definitely girlfriend-bonding at its' absolute best! ~

INOCULATTE:   The administering of coffee intravenously,
thereby providing a more immediate caffeine fix.

In my humble opinion, "if you can see through to the bottom of
the cup, it's not Coffee - it's tea,..Tea,..TEA"!!
        (And what, exactly, is the point of Decaf, anyway)?

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Here's another fun Coffee site which clarifies, once and for all,
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Okay, yes.....I admit it -- I'm HOOKED.
But I figure...since I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, gamble,
drive like a madwoman (er, well maybe once-in-awhile),
cheat on my taxes, pick my nose,
or kick my kids/cats,
being a Caffeine Addict is my ONLY vice.
(Hey, it could be a lot worse, right?)! :)


Cups of Coffee
have been brewed here since 1998

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