Are You A Coffee-Aholic?
Some questions to ask yourself........

  1.  When you wake up and start the day, is Coffee the first
thing on your mind?
Is it the ONLY thing on your mind?

  2.  Do you usually avoid ordering Coffee in restaurants because you
know it will taste like brown-colored water?

  3.  Have Coffee mugs and Coffee products begun to overtake
your cupboards/counters?

  4.  Have you ever become panicky because you just used your last dipper
of Coffee?  Did you, then, rush out to buy more,
regardless of the time or weather conditions?

  5.  Do you find yourself bringing your own thermos of Coffee to work?
Do you take Coffee to public events (weddings, reunions),
for fear that there won't be any available?

  6.  Do people complain when they drink your Coffee?
'Make comments like "Geez, you could strip paint with this!"?
OR "What're you trying to do......curl my hair?"!

  7.  Do you decorate with a Coffee motif?
'Have a webpage devoted to your favorite beverage?
'Know the various types of Coffee by heart?

  8.  Do you ever wonder why there's no Coffee-scented perfume?
If there was, would you bathe in it?

  9.  Have you ever stuck your head in a freshly-opened can
of Coffee and inhaled deeply?
Do you perform this ritual every time you open a new can?

 10.  Do you snicker at the people who insist Coffee keeps
them awake all night?

BONUS Question:  Do you think that ANY time - day or night -
is a good time for a cup of Coffee?

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If you answered YES to at least 3 of these questions, Congratulations!
You have the beginnings of a serious coffee problem!
(Hey, you gotta start somewhere)!

If you answered YES to 5 of these questions, you definitely have a
problem but are too caffeinated to care!

If you answered YES to 8 or more of these questions, you're qualified
as a Coffee-God(dess) and should be enshrined!

~ (If you didn't answer "yes" to ANY of these questions, what're you doing
taking a "Coffee Addict" quiz in the first place)?? ~


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