Ladybug Haiku*
 *Traditional Japanese Poetry
(by students at Lakewood Elementary School - Victoria, B.C.  Canada)

Ladybugs have spots.
    They have red and black on them.
    They are small also. Lisa

Ladybugs are small
    Walking on the rocky pavement
    Around the corner. Stephanie

A ladybug flies
    Way up high in the blue sky.
    'Bye, 'bye ladybug! Jennie

A small ladybug
    Flies by pretty pink flowers
    And stops to sit down. Kristen

Ladybugs are red,
    And have black spots on their wings.
    Experts at flying. Kelsey

A flash of crimson -
Ladybugs are on the prowl....
Say "goodbye", Aphid! Taryn
(The WebMistress)!

The Ladybird flies off....
Dividing her wings
Into two.

~ Suju (1893-1976)

Ladybug Haiku by Jonii
~(Ladybug Haiku Art by Jonii)~

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