Ceramic Ladybug by Kelly!

This is a wonderful poem that my cyber-friend, KELLY,
wrote for an assignment at school!
She also made the adorable ceramic Ladybug (above) for me!
I was so impressed with her efforts,  I just had to share them with everyone!

The Ladybug ~ what an enchanting, dainty insect!
Its black spots are like little grains of pepper,

all sprinkled on their backs!
Oh, and what a
 vibrant, scarlet color that says
"Here I Am!"
Their brilliant color makes them stand out,
despite their petite size.
A Ladybug is a ruby, so delicate
and elegant.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six little legs along the sides of the pudgy,
oval-shaped body.
Their legs, like eyelashes, move back
and forth, rapidly carrying them to their
unknown destinations.
Ladybugs are a symbol of luckiness,
waiting to generously unleash
and share with you their good fortune!
Magically, they unfold
their wings and fly away, disappearing in the
distance as they soar lightly
through the air!

1999 © Kelly Rexrode

Doesn't that paint an excellent picture of a Ladybug?
(I especially love the part about
their little legs being "like eyelashes")!!!

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