Ladybug, Ant, Butterflies, Gadfly, Caterpillar, Beetle, Dragonfly Ladybug, Snail, Ant, Inchworm

"Come take up your hats, and away let us haste
To the Ladybug's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast!
The trumpeter Gadfly has summoned the crew,
And the revelers are now only waiting for YOU!

Here comes the Beetle, so big and so black,
Who carries the Ant, his friend, on his back.
And there is the Gnat and the DragonFly too,
Even the Butterflies, yellow and blue!

The sly little DoorMouse crept out of his hole,
And led to the feast his blind brother, the Mole.
Next came the Snail, his horns peeping out,
Greeted by Inchworm, and BumbleBee's shout!

Spider, Ants, Grasshopper, Mosquito, Inchworm, Ladybug

The Grasshopper jumped in like a spring,
(Very long was his leg, though short was his wing).
He played several tunes, then leaped out of sight,
Then chirped his own praise, from a distance, all night!


Then as evening gave-way to the shadows of night,
Their watchman, the GlowWorm, came out with his light.
So home, let us hasten, while we can yet see,
For no watchman is waiting for you and for me!"

Excerpt from "The FairyLand StoryBook" by Bob Petillo (1990)
Illustrations by Bob Petillo, Robbie Suydam
Kevin, Suydam, & Bob Smith

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