Since you came to this page, you must be curious
about just who 'CelticBug' is.....?
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My name is Taryn.
I'm a native
  Ohioan and a socially-awkward computer geek
with two grown children
I share my home with 4 spoiled-rotten cats (Jacoby, Nikita, Buddy & India),
and a ginormous collection of ladybugs, gargoyles, dragons and foo dogs.

Needless to say, it's never a dull moment around this place! 

I call myself "CelticBug" because I've been a diehard Ladybug lover and
since I was only five years old, as well as
a long-time
member of The Clan Campbell Society
When I ventured into webpage creation, combining the two things I'm the most
passionate about (ladybugs and my Celtic heritage) just happened naturally.

I work full-time but I'm also a homebody, so the Internet is really my connection / lifeline
to the outside world.
   Computers opened up a surprisingly creative outlet
for I never even realized I needed.

I'm certainly no expert at this computer stuff but I have learned a lot and, hopefully, improved as
well since I first began doing
this in 1998. 
Even more important:  I've had SO much fun,
and that's really what it's all about... right?


Oh!  You're still here?
Wow, I'm flattered, and I really hope you're enjoying my humble little corner of the Web.
I'm always adding new things (and tidying up the existing

pages), so please feel free to check back every once-in-awhile and see what's new.  :-)

  ~ (If anyone had told me that a website is like a fixer-upper house,
I don't think I would've been brave enough to tackle it)! ~

It's me, just kickin' back!

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